Video Marketing in Real Estate

Video Marketing in Real Estate

The benefits of using video in marketing a property are significant. Eighty-two percent of sellers prefer video in addition to photo slideshows of their properties as it gives a much better rendering of the property. Additionally, most Buyers these days utilize a computer or smart device when searching for a new property. Why not give them what they want?
New technology allows every agent the opportunity to produce both quality photographs and videos of their listings. Some smart phones have the capability of shooting, editing and uploading the video as well. Where most agents have difficulty regarding videos, is that the websites they use have no provision for video uploads.
Most real estate websites do a poor job of allowing Buyers and Sellers to understand the process of marketing property. And many of these websites are produced by National and Regional realty companies whose primary goal is to drive buyers and sellers to their company, rather than truly promote the property or advocate for the listing agent. These websites can make it difficult to find properties and individual agents…and leave prospective clients in a lurch.
Obviously, the more an agent can do for the client the better. Forward looking trends in the real estate market, show that most Buyers rely heavily on new technology. And agents preparing to meet the demand of future markets are advised to utilize all available technology.
When searching for a company to market your home or when searching for an agent to help you find the perfect Montana property, look for a website and local company that by design gives the Buyer real time active listings and a website that offers Sellers the latest marketing tools, such as video and social media. This simple tip may make the process of finding or selling a property a whole lot easier. Check out

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