Ski-joring… Lincoln, Montana Style…

Ski-joring… Lincoln, Montana Style…

There are always plenty of exciting attractions and activities in the area around Helena, Montana. One of the winter fun-time things to do is to make the fifty-mile drive to the sleepy community of Lincoln and attend the 2nd annual Ski-joring Lincoln event.
The excitement of skiers being pulled at breakneck speeds by athletic horses and riders around a difficult course is sure to get your heart pounding. Not only is the drive beautiful, but the little town of Lincoln has plenty of good food and fun to occupy your time after the races.
The ski-joring is set for Saturday and Sunday January 20th and 21st. The events are to be held at the Lincoln Rodeo grounds about a mile or so west of town. The events begin at noon on both days. For everyone over the age of six, the entry cost is $5.00. Those under six get in for free. So, if you see a bus load of five year-olds heading to Lincoln on January 20th or 21st, it’s a safe bet they are trying to crash the event.
Food and beverages will be available at the event so leave your coolers at home. But be sure to bring lawn chairs or be prepared to stand to watch the event. If you are interested, there will be a Calcutta and Dinner prior to the event. Contact the event organizers at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for more information. Last year’s event was very well attended. Hopefully there is another good turnout as well as good weather conditions for the second annual event.

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