Montana Big Sky….Land of Opportunity

Montana Big Sky….Land of Opportunity

Recent market trends in Montana real estate have seen a significant increase in closed sales. Economic indicators suggest that this trend is likely to continue. The Montana communities of Bozeman, Kalispell, Missoula, Billings and Helena have seen strong Seller’s markets in recent months. The driving force behind this trend is comprised of several different factors, however, most folks agree that this region of the country is up and coming.
Many people see Montana as a destination where they can raise a family. It is safe, still sparsely populated and has tons of exciting things to do. Let’s examine a few attractions and activities which are bringing people to Montana.

National Parks
Montanans are fortunate. The spine of the Rockies through Montana is book-ended with two of the most spectacular National Parks in the United States, Glacier and Yellowstone. From most of the cities listed above, either park is within a few hours or at most, a day’s long drive. And for people who live here, the journey is as exciting as the destination.

State Parks
There are literally dozens of State Parks in Montana, reflecting the natural beauty and priceless wonders which many in Montana take for granted. While visiting many of these places, new comers will be shocked to realize that they are possibly the only ones there on that day. By itself, that is a priceless commodity.

Lakes and Rivers
Montana’s Yellowstone River is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48, however, we also have unspoiled scenic rivers like the Blackfoot, Stillwater, Boulder, Flathead, Bitterroot and Big Hole. They all allow for unparalleled beauty and plenty of fishing and floating fun. Flathead Lake, Ft Peck Lake and Big Horn Lake provide wonderful for opportunities for folks to see the splendor of Montana, however there are also many other recreational lakes throughout Montana to allow for fun boating outdoor activities

Mountain Ranges
Montana has dozens of places where people can access public hiking, horseback, ATV, snowmobile, cross country skiing and biking trails. Those trails course through some of the most scenic Mountains on the planet. Many people hike the Continental Divide Trail, however, if you are into less challenging adventures those opportunities abound.

If you want to unwind, many resort destinations await you in Montana. From Dude Ranch getaways to relaxing Hot Springs to mega-size Ski Hills you can easily find adventurous things to do.

So if you are contemplating a move to this Big Sky Country, feel confident, as we all do, that our home is a wonderful place to live.

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