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The Big Horn Gun

The Big Horn Gun is one of Montana’s most prized historical possessions, however most Montanans do not have any idea that it exists. It is a cannon thought to have been cast in the late 1700’s and possibly used in the Mexican-American War. Today it is located in the...

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Montana’s Best Mountain Biking Trails

Mountain biking is fast becoming a huge outdoor event in Montana. Little known areas that offer majestic views, solitude and wide range of challenges for the rider make this “Last Best Place” a natural for the sport. Currently, our community of Lincoln is developing a comprehensive trail plan that...

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Top Ten Tips for Hikers

Living near the Rocky Mountain Continental Divide, I like to spend as much time as I can in the out-of-doors. Hiking in this part of the country presents its challenges, but the prepared hiker can definitely enjoy the beauty, peace and serenity of nature if they follow a few...

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Montana Facts and Trivia

As you contemplate purchasing a Montana ranch or recreational property, I thought it may be useful for you to know a little bit about our state. Needless to say I have compiled a list of information concerning “Big Sky Country” that may interest you. The population of Montana as...

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Montana Economic Outlook

Strengths • Strong credit quality, a good sign for housing and services. • Small share of sub-prime mortgages. • Consistently low business costs. Weaknesses • Exposure to weakening forest product industry. • Slow return of private sector hiring. Employment Performance

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