About Us

Lyndon and Sandi Conroy have been active realtors in Montana for nearly twenty years. Prior to that, they came from backgrounds in education and early childhood development, as well as managing successful businesses. As Montana natives, they are familiar with all areas of the Big Sky State having been “living Big Sky” all of their lives. They have travelled extensively within Montana and have developed a thorough knowledge of its interests, history, markets, trends, culture, and people.

They developed their business model to help folks locate and purchase property…simple as that. Lyndon’s background includes growing up on a working ranch, while Sandi grew up enjoying all the wonders of Montana’s lakes and recreation lifestyle. Those life experiences give them the unique ability to help their clients find the perfect place…perfect recreation getaway…perfect farm or ranch… perfect commercial property… perfect luxury retreat…the perfect first home…

Both Lyndon and Sandi have an immense respect for their home state… and their roots go deep. Sandi is a fifth generation Montanan, while Lyndon’s family heritage begins here when the Crow tribe of indigenous people ventured west in the 17th century. Both feel that Montana is indeed the “Last Best Place” and they want the people they work for to feel the same exact way.

Professionally, each has varied experiences and vast relationships in the real estate world. From Rookie of the Year award in the Billings market to supervising broker-owner, Sandi has excelled in every endeavor. Her honest and sincere approach to dealing with people, make her a standout in a business with many successful people. She has managed associates throughout much of Montana and is a quick study with regard to the trends and regulations surrounding real estate in Montana. Lyndon’s prior career was as an educator where he established many lifelong connections with people from throughout Montana. As a student of history, he has always been fascinated by the rich and colorful traditions of Montana, its geography and its people.

They strongly believe that customer satisfaction is a priority and truly appreciate the opportunity to help people. While other agencies may have mixed allegiances, the Conroy’s and their associates always put the interests of their client, the buyers, first. They are committed to show you that their fresh approach to real estate sales will allow you to get better representation. They are also excited to have the chance to helpfind what is truly right for you. Lyndon and Sandi encourage you to enjoy their website and the wonderful things they know, observe and love about Montana.

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